My 10 Must-Have Travel Essentials

I have composed a list of my top ten must-have travel essentials. These are all things that have made my travels less hectic. I hope this list helps you as you prepare for your next trip!

  1. Invest in some really great luggage - I purchased a hard shell carry on as well as a hard shell large suitcase from TJ Maxx. They both have 360 degree rotating wheels. After struggling through the airport with crappy luggage, enough was enough. It makes life SO much easier. No more straining your arms trying to pull your bags through the airport. I also prefer the hard shell as it protects the contents of your bag. No more squashed beach hats!

  2. TSA Pre-Check/Global Entry - I have Pre-Check and it is worth the investment! It is $85, and good for 5 years. I just used it at the Orlando airport where there was a 30+ minute wait to get through the regular line. I breezed through Pre-Check in 10 minutes. You can keep your shoes on, belt on, even a light jacket. No need to remove your tablet from your bag, as well as your liquids. It’s magical, and the application process is extremely easy. The in-person finger printing takes 5 minutes, and there are many locations. Pre-Check is available nationwide. If you are an international traveler, Global Entry is for you. This is $100 for 5 years, and also includes Pre-Check. This process is a bit more involved, as it requires an in-person interview at the airport, in addition to an extensive background check. This is a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) program that allows expedited clearance for pre-approved, low-risk travelers upon arrival in the United States.

  3. Invest in travel size products - Pack your makeup and liquids wisely. When I travel, I try to pack as lightly as possible. This stuff can add a lot of extra weight. While it can be costly, I do feel that it is worth it to purchase mini sizes of my favorite products. I hate to pack my skincare and makeup in my suitcase, god forbid the suitcase gets lost. Pick one makeup look and stick to it.

  4. Travel with mini luggage locks - These are great. If I can’t fit something into the safe, I will lock it in my suitcase when I leave the room. Or, I may even lock my backpack up when in a busy city so that nobody can get into it. A great item to bring along with you, and it takes up no space at all. Just don’t lose the key!

  5. SPIbelt - a.k.a. Small Personal Item Belt. This little guy is amazing. It’s essentially a fanny pack re-imagined. I originally bought this when I use to run, but now I take my SPIbelt with me everywhere I go. It is discreet and can be worn underneath your clothing, or you can wear it around your hips. You can stash money in here, room keys, a granola bar, passport, your phone, credit cards, etc. Hey, I even take this thing to the bar if I don’t feel like taking a purse! It lays flat against your body and will stay in place. Click here to check it out! They have many different colors, sizes and designs.

  6. Pack This! Checklist - This is an amazing item to utilize when packing. It provides ease while getting the contents of your bag(s) together. I never forget anything with this list. You can get it on Amazon, or directly from Knock Knock. Click here.

  7. GoPro/DSLR Camera - I don’t go to the beach without my GoPro. This camera is small, easy to pack, and waterproof. I have been fortunate to swim with amazing fish/sea turtles, and these pictures are priceless. I also do not go anywhere without my Canon DSLR camera. I travel with one lens to make my life easier. It gets heavy to travel with multiple lenses, and they take up so much space.

  8. Spotify Premium - This is my newest addiction. I signed up with a promo, 99 cents for the first three months, and it’s ten bucks a month after this trial. You can download music and listen in airplane mode/offline. Playlists galore.

  9. Tablet - I recently purchased an Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet. This was clutch for my long haul flight to Germany. I was able to download movies and shows to the Netflix app, and I had my Spotify Premium. You can download books, games, etc. For less than $150, you are guaranteed to have entertainment. If WiFi is available, you can stream the internet, and check your e-mail.

  10. Clorox Disinfecting Wipes - Yes, I am that crazy b*tch that wipes down the entire airplane seat, buckle, tray table, arm rests, window, air vent, etc. There are so many germs on planes, and I don’t trust that my area is clean unless I sanitize it myself.

What are your must-have essentials?