Chester County Restaurant Festival

I never miss a meal, and I sure as hell never miss a Chester County Restaurant Festival.

I must preface this post by admitting that I am irked as I write this. I have been planning on doing this post for almost a year, with photos ready to go from the fest in 2018. They are nowhere to be found. I was able to recover two photos from my Instagram, and one from my SD card. I guess I deleted the rest. Kicking myself!!! Regardless, I had to make a decision whether I would post this after-the-fact so I had photos, or just post what I have to inform my readers about a great up and coming event. I chose to share what I have.

It all started for me in 2012 as a freshman at West Chester University. I went to my first Restaurant Fest with my family and I was forever hooked. It keeps me connected to my favorite town and alma mater. The opportunity to try so many great restaurants all at once is priceless! Last year I ate like a horse. I had truffle fries, pasta, pumpkin pie, a lobster roll, an adult popsicle, gelato, etc. Here are the three pics I was able to recover *sigh*.


If you want to go to this event, go early. I cannot stress this enough. The West Chester Borough becomes an absolute mad house with an average attendance of 25,000 people throughout the day. It’s a frustrating experience to navigate when it’s crowded. Do you really want to eat that lobster roll with somebody breathing down your neck and stepping on your toes? I don’t think so. This is a reality if you don’t get there when it starts.

This year’s 40th annual fest is scheduled for Sunday, September 15th from 12:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. Rain date: September 22nd.

The festival takes over the borough including two full blocks of Market Street, from High to Darlington Street. Restaurants and food vendors will be placed on Gay Street, between Matlack & Darlington and Market Street, between High and Darlington Street. There are approx 75 restaurants and food vendors. Jewelry and other goods are for purchase as well.

There is a lot of residential borough parking if you cannot get to a garage. The most accessible garages are located on Chestnut Street, New Street and Sharpless Street. I recommend mapping this out before you leave. Both Sharpless and New Street garages are about 8-10 blocks from the borough.

Final recommendations: COME HUNGRY, come early, bring cash, and wear comfortable, cool clothing (it is usually very hot).

Note to self: save my pictures this year on an external hard drive.

Bon Appétit.