The Master's Baker: Marvelous Macarons Class

The Master’s Baker is located in the West Chester, PA Borough. This is a thriving family owned business, dating back over 40+ years. You can read the history of The Master’s Baker here.

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They specialize in elaborate custom cakes/wedding cakes, also whipping up custom pies, specialty pies, cheesecakes, truffles, macarons, macaroons, cream puffs, cannolis, brownies, chocolate dipped strawberries, hand pies, cupcakes, verrines, cake pops, seasonal desserts and the list goes on! Are you drooling yet?

In addition to these mouth watering desserts, The Master’s Baker offers a myriad of unique baking classes. These classes are catered to different interests, skill levels and ages. If you are thinking about bringing a youngster along, make sure you read the class description. Each class differs; you may need to be a minimum of 8 or 14 years old, accompanied by an adult.

Click here to check out a list of upcoming (and past) classes. You are sure to find a class of interest, from offerings like Pizza, Bread, Marvelous Macarons, Creative Cupcakes, Truffles, Brownies, Cookie Decorating, Pies/Ice Cream, Nut Butter, Vegan Baking, Strudel, Springtime Desserts, etc!

I attended the Marvelous Macarons Class, and it was incredible! While French Macarons are very temperamental and require precise measurements, this class will show you how easy it can be to make this very impressive dessert. I was previously intimidated, but that trepidation has gone by the wayside.


Class description: “Still the hottest class we offer! Learn how to whip up a meringue and mixing batter to deliver crisp shells with perfectly risen feet. Plus, create fillings like dark chocolate ganache, curd and buttercream.” You get to take your delicious treats home with you as well.

Step 1) Pick your station, and a partner!

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Step 2) Whip up that meringue, baby.

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Step 3) Check out those peaks!

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Step 4) Mix your dry into your wet, adjust color as needed

Step 5) Pipe your cookies

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Step 6) Voila, like MAGIC!

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Step 7) FILLING - With the freshest ingredients - I opted for raspberry lemon swiss buttercream

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Step 8) Assemble, decorate, and bon appétit

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Pastry Chef, Trish, was absolutely fantastic. She first gave a live demo, and was available throughout the process for questions and assistance. Trish is knowledgeable and passionate about baking. She provided a packet, inclusive of tips, the history of the French Macaron, as well as the recipe.

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I would not hesitate to return for another class! Go check out The Master’s Baker! What are you waiting for!?

The Master’s Baker

319 W Gay St

West Chester, PA 19380


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