Retail Therapy: My Favorite Places To Shop

Money burns a hole in my pocket. There, I said it.

I work very hard. And I like to buy nice things. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself, so as long as you aren’t spending more than you are making, and saving money in the interim.

“Treat Yo-self.” It’s my mantra.

I don’t discriminate. I shop online, in store, sometimes on QVC (LOL).

I really dislike buying clothing online. I prefer the in-store retail experience. I like touching things. Trying things on. It doesn’t compare to buying something online. Especially when it doesn’t fit, or it’s not the right color. Regardless, I still do buy online. I always find good online discount/promo codes. I typically don’t buy anything without some type of coupon, because in my opinion, nothing is worth it’s original price tag. Do a preliminary google search. The websites you are buying from may come up in your search with discount codes, or typically, RetailMeNot has good codes. I know quite a few people who also use Ebates when shopping. Earn that cash back baby!

Okay, back to my favorite retail stores. FYI - these are more than just clothing stores.

1) Anthropologie - Anthro is probably my favorite store. Ever. They always have 40% off sale items, sometimes 20% off regular items, sometimes free shipping. They have the cutest clothing, jewelry and home items. My favorite apron is from Anthro. You really can’t go wrong. Sale is always applicable in store as well. Sign up for Anthro Perks.

2) T.J.Maxx/HomeGoods - I could spend hours in both of these stores. Buying endless amounts of chachkas. I don’t online shop here, in-store is my favorite. You never know what treasures you will find. Great gifts, clothes, jewelry, accessories, workout stuff, bags. It’s never ending. Frames, blankets. See.. I told you.

3) DSW - I’m a VIP Elite. I don’t know how much money I needed to spend to get here. But I’m here. I live for DSW. I never had any interest in shoes. Until about two years ago, I just started liking shoes. You can never have too many pairs. They are like candy.

4) Sephora - Self-explanatory. You will be surprised to know that I have never reached the Rouge level. Make sure you sign up for VIB rewards. Accumulate those points, it’s very easy to start racking them up.

5) Red Dress Boutique - Featured on Shark Tank. These are some stylish clothes. Sign up for their emails to receive 10% off.

6) H.Rose Boutique - If you are local to West Chester, PA.. this is my absolute favorite boutique. You can also buy some stuff online as well. This is an affordable boutique, with unique pieces. Newborn through plus size!

7) Lululemon - I know, the prices are off the charts. I only buy sports bras here. I have to support my girls. I have tried a lot of brands, but always go back to Lulu. A good bra is expensive. I don’t skimp on good bras. Even sports bras. Working out is when I need the support the most. The Energy Bra is my favorite. True to size as well.

8) Lord & Taylor - Yet another boujee department store? Wrong. They have the BEST sale items. I can’t even tell you the amount of tops I’ve gotten from here under $20. They always have coupons as well.

9) Poshmark - My new obsession. Clothes, some new with tags, extremely discounted. I have gotten an amazing shirt by Kate Spade on here for $40. Also, a gorgeous sweater for $16 that I wore for my blog photo shoot. Not to mention, you can negotiate with the sellers.

10) Aluminyze - Do you have any photographs that you have been wanting to blow up? Look no further. I have been turning my photos into aluminum masterpieces for the past two years. They take your photos, and fuse them into aluminum. These photos are vibrant, and glossy (you can get matte as well). There are various sizes, shapes, and mounts. The world is your oyster. But seriously, I highly recommend this company. They are based out of NY, and they are fantastic. Sign up for their emails, as they always have great discount codes as well.

11) Amazon - Need a cookbook? A photo prop for your girlfriend’s bridal shower? Deodorant? These aren’t my recent Amazon purchases or anything….. This is a one stop shop.

See some of my recent purchases below!

Shorts from Anthro - $20 on sale  (End of season)

Shorts from Anthro - $20 on sale

(End of season)

Necklace from Anthro - another amazing sale piece

Necklace from Anthro - another amazing sale piece

Betsey Johnson necklace from T.J.Maxx, $25. Retails for $60. The perfect Halloween/Fall piece

Betsey Johnson necklace from T.J.Maxx, $25. Retails for $60. The perfect Halloween/Fall piece

New iridescent hoops from Nordstrom Rack. I know I didn’t put them on my list, but I love these earrings. Photo doesn’t do them justice.

New iridescent hoops from Nordstrom Rack. I know I didn’t put them on my list, but I love these earrings. Photo doesn’t do them justice.

Let me know your favorite stores in the comments! If any of these stores are new to you, please let me know if you end up purchasing anything! Tell them Lacey sent you ;)